Our Programs

Regular Classes

Our 6:30 PM classes are for all ranks and all ages. In general, there will be a mix of ages.
This provides a great opportunities for families to participate together in an activity that benefits adults and children alike. During these classes, you will be introduced to the standard World Youn Wha Ryu curriculum. There is a strong focus on tae kwon do based kicking and aerobic activity.
As you progress towards black belt, you will transition to include self-defense and other arts such as Hapkido and Kung-fu.

Tiger Tots

For children under 5. Classes Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm. Building discipline, confidence, focus, concentration, coordination, agility, social skills, and teamwork. Martial arts skills will be developed through age appropriate drills.

After School Academy

The Academy will provide study time, a snack, and an hour of training immediately after the public school day ends. Although we are not a daycare, we offer an option in lieu of a traditional daycare setting. Those attending may ride the city bus to the facility. We will be open during normal public school days. Spring break and summer programs may be offered depending on demand. We will hold full day one and two week summer camps that will include training and other activities.

T'ai Chi

We practice the Yang Style of T’ai Chi. Generally thought of as a “soft” style of martial arts, numerous studies have shown the benefits of regular T’ai Chi practice to improve joint flexibility, balance, muscle tone, and to reduce chronic pain. Classes will be offered based on demand.

Jui Jitsu

Once our regular classes are established, we will add Jiu jitsu. We train using the Gracie system. Similar to wrestling but with a self-defense focus, these classes will help you learn to defend yourself if you find yourself on the ground with an attacker.


Weapons training is provided through classes and seminars with various association masters. Depending on demand, we will add weapons training in Quitman.


Do you want to train and need a little help with the cost?
We have scholarships available via The Han Center Foundation and sponsors.
If you are serious about training, we will find a way for you to train. Just ask.
In return, we will ask you to help others and the community as opportunities arise. Our programs can provide life changing results.
We believe hard work should be rewarded. Sometimes we just need an opportunity!
We have numerous programs focused on veterans, youth, and Christian outreach.
We are confident we can find a way for you to join our family while helping others.